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It’s All About You And Your Serenity

It is perfect for sensitive areas and sensitive skin.

Abdomen - 12
Under Arms - 20
Arm Half - 36
Arms Full - 40
Legs Half - 34
Legs Full - 58
Bikini - 20
High Bikini - 26    
Brazilian (LA) - 35
Back 35-65
Chest 35-70
Brows - 10
Lip - 8
Chin - 8
Jawline -8
Neck - 8
Cheeks - 8
Forehead - 8
Side Burns - 8
Full Face - 28
Navel - 6
Toes & Feet - 10

You will have fewer ingrown hairs using sugar. Alexandria Professional sugar can take out hair as little as 1/16 of an inch. Sugar is applied to the body at a beautiful lukewarm temperature. With the perfected sugaring technique sugar will never stick to your skin or dry. Sugar seeps right down to into the hair follicle giving you longer lasting results.  ​

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Why Sugaring

Sugaring is 100% Pure and Natural.  Made of sugar, water, and lemon, it is hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic. Bacteria cannot breed in the jar, making it the most sanitary method of hair removal, with absolutely no double dipping. Sugar is good for all hair and skin types; for men, women, and gentle enough for children.